Finns Letting Services

Finns Bali Letting Services take care of marketing, bookings, check-ins, guest services, accounting and administration ensuring owners generate the best possible return on investment with no effort required.

Premium Housekeeping Services

Our premium 7-day housekeeping service covers cleaning, linen, repairs, maintenance and utilities to ensure apartments are maintained to the highest standard at all times with no input required from the owner.

Maintenance Services

Our world-class maintenance services take care of 24/7 security, building maintenance, building insurance, contents insurance, internet, accounting fees, government charges, utility costs and a sinking fund ensuring that guest common areas and facilities are always maintained to a 5-star level.

Finns Bali Village Membership

Owners are entitled to an exclusive Finns Lifestyle Village Owner Membership with the highest level of facility access and membership benefits included. Apartment paying guests are entitled to a Finns Lifestyle Village Membership with facility access and benefits included. Each 1 bedroom apartment includes 2 membership cards, each 2 bedroom apartment includes 4 membership cards and each Sky Villa includes 6 membership cards.