128 Apartments in the East area
78 Apartments in the West area
Notification expected : Q1 2022

Project development for East side & FRC development (phase 1)
Project development for West side (phase 2)

Building will be complete by early 2024 (East and FRC)
Completion East, West and FRC by end of 2024
Exact Confirmation of building timeline will be given once we issue “Notification”

Flexibility in Investment occupy terms:

  • In and out of pool rental
  • 60 free nights for owner in Investment occupy
The project is refundable until Notification is sent out. This is the time when the schedule and we are 100% ready to guarantee the exact timeline and all details to be shared with the Buyers until completion.
This is a way to protect the Buyer and ensure to invest with peace of mind.

Founded in 2009 by Australian Tony Smith and Bali-Local Ketut Subina, Finns Bali is the owner and operator of 16 renowned lifestyle brands— including Finns Beach Club, a top tourist destination for more than one million guests annually—employing more than 1,000 local staff in Canggu. The epicenter of healthy living, upmarket cafes, surfing, world famous beach clubs and high-end retail, Canggu seamlessly blends the latest trends with rich southeast Asian culture.

Please contact our sales team for more information via email sales@finnslifestylevillage.com or via Whatsapp +62 812 3766 1675.