Crypto sales

A global first for real estate development

In a global first for real estate development, investors will be able to convert their cryptocurrency holdings into tangible assets on the island Trip Advisor calls the world’s most popular destination in 2021. Finns Lifestyle Village industry-leading move to facilitate crypto payments comes as Finns Bali’s latest innovative bid to continue Bali’s explosive growth.

Tether (USDT)

No fees

Bitcoin (BTC)

1% surcharge

Ethereum (ETH)

1% surcharge


On request

Secure yours now with a 10% deposit

State-of-the-art secure transaction facilitation

Finns Lifestyle Village crypto-facilitation partner, headed in Singapore, also utilises Ekta to offer smaller investors (as well as larger investors) the opportunity to own a fraction or an entire apartment at Finns Lifestyle Village with additional privacy considerations. Ekta, the first blockchain in the world to tie fractionalized NFTs (F-NFT) to real estate and property, has been working with Bali developers to bring their properties on-chain. F-NFTs allow a piece of property to be fractionalized into many pieces and sold.